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Let’s start with understanding what exactly an AGV or automated guided vehicle is. AGV is a mobile robot (automated self-driving vehicle) that will follow a set path of markers or wires in order to carry goods, raw materials and other hardware from point A to point B.

Other technologies that AGVs uses are lasers, GPS navigation and magnets which more or less help the computer chip running the AGV in determining the set path laid ahead of it. You can easily see an AGV in action by visiting a large manufacturing unit.agvs-image

So what happens when more than one AGVs is running around in the warehouse? Think about a train system. There are many trains that are moving at high speeds and often, on the same tracks. They are all controlled using computers and complex algorithms where the distance between two trains are measured and controlled.

Instead of using train tracks, AGV uses magnetic tapes, GPS and lasers to determine the path they are supposed to follow. Their speeds are set and paths are laid out for them in advance. Using complex algorithms and computing power, it is made sure that no two AGVs are on a collision path. This way, all the heavy goods are delivered to their respective areas and sectors without meeting any accidents.

In order to steer, instead of using human intervention as in case of trains, AGVs uses steering control which are of three different types, the most commonly used among them being differential speed control. AGV is supported by two independent drive wheels which are capable of rolling at different speeds, and hence helping the AGV to make turns on their chosen pathway.

The second one is very similar to a car steering wheel which is much more precise in following the chosen path laid out in front of it. The third one is a combination of the first two and is less common and more complex.

engineering-ediweeklySuccess in your chosen career path is something that you should seriously take into consideration in order to guarantee that you will reach your goal someday and the best way to start it is by being a student. If you are an engineering student who is still contemplating on your chosen career path, it is time to evaluate and make sure that you have a plan right now in order to achieve success in the near future. Here are some tips that you should always keep in mind:

Find your inspiration

Look for inspiration and imagine yourself being in their shoes a couple of years later. For instance, if you are amazed at the Apple products, then you can research the background history of its founder, Steve Jobs. In that way, you could know how they started, what technologies are they using, and what companies had helped them in becoming successful. Finding someone to look up to while in you are studying is a great motivation for pursuing your dreams and career in life.

Create your portfolio

It is important that you have your portfolio on hand. You can participate in different hands-on, as well as experiential learning opportunities while studying to develop your portfolio while you are still in college. If there is something that would reflect your skills beforehand, it’s your portfolio. Your employer will eventually ask for your collection sometime in the future, so it is important that you will be able to show one with all your best projects filed in.

Join networking

Networking is important because it can help you in widening your range, as well as the people who can help you when it comes job opportunities that you are looking for. Different lectures on your campus will give you a chance to introduce yourself to the speakers. You can also check the list of your alumni association so that you could keep in touch with those alumni from your school who wanted to talk with the undergraduates.


chemical_carouselUse social media

In improving your profile, you could use the dominant social media outlets. Aside from your E-mail, you could also create an account in LinkedIn in connecting with other people, but if you ever find a way that the two of you could meet face to face and talk, that would be better.

Always be cooperative when working in team

It is important that you are cooperative when it comes to working with a team. As much as possible, you might want to get yourself involved in different organizations so that you can enhance your communication skills because when you are already working, you will be most likely ask to work with a group or a team. That is why it is important to enhance yourself first before you get to work with different professionals in an individual project shortly.

Bring out the leadership inside of you

engineeringIt doesn’t matter if you were personally assigned as a leader of the team or not, you should always be the one who leads. Regardless of what your position is in an individual organization, it is important that you know how to lead by influencing the decision and work of other people through your words and action. You don’t have to be the president or the chairman to be a leader; you just have to learn and recognize the leadership styles without being labelled as one, and you’ll see how useful it is when you start working.